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Strictly A River Crossing
An ongoing project researching the history of Calgary’s steel truss bridges built during the City’s ‘Age of Optimism,’ (1907-1912) which was the municipality’s first major economic boom. Begun in 2015, the research is focused on the peculiar bridge building company that built almost all of these structures: The Algoma Steel Bridge Company. Publication hosted by Medium.
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Derived from the research done as part of Strictly a River Crossing, I am live-tweeting the construction (on a 110 year delay) of the recently removed 12th Street SE Bridge (or St. George Island Bridge), colloquially known as the Zoobridge. Built in 1907-1908, the live-tweets will run until May of 2018 and the webpage will remain a tribute this bit of Calgary’s history.
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The Cal Hope Memorial Project
In Memory of my late Uncle Cal, who passed away in 2009, this webpage and its related real-world projects are the markers of his life and passing. By sharing his love of books (and many of the books from his own library) the hope is to build an enduring memorial that will reach others for many years to come. Related: A Paperback Cenotaph

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About Jack

Born and raised in Calgary, Jack Hope is  an amateur photographer who has been only recently developed an appreciation for local history and how it has shaped the City.